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I learned about accomplishments and struggles of African Americans through black history month in school, movies and some US History classes. I remember when my white 8th grade teacher taught me that slavery was a good thing and beneficial for the Africans that were brought over. Being the only black kid in the class, I raised my hand and told him I do not agree, “People should never be treated that way.”

My understanding and knowledge changed when I started college and took some Latin American courses with Sr. Lopez at Columbia. He went into details about the different races that made Latin Americans but the biggest turning point for me was in 2002. I had the honor to work on a community event about African history. The Prince of Mali came and he brought scrolls from Timbuktu that recorded education and advance cultures of African people. I was please to hear that Africans educated women way before the Europeans did. It was a big eye opener for me.

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