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Carolyn Davenport-Moncel


Watching episode two of “The African Americans” with my two daughters here in Lausanne, Switzerland, was particularly fascinating to me because I have always had an interest in Margaret Garner’s life.

As a child, oral history was very important in my family. Thus, I was convinced that Margaret Garner was an ancestor because her story was so similar to one I had heard about one of my maternal 2x great grandmothers, but we never knew our grandmother’s name.

However in 2008 through research, I finally discovered her name: It was Flora Taylor, and she was born in Virginia around 1810. In 1856, Grandma Flora drowned herself and four of her five children in Vicksburg, MS because she didn’t want them to be sold. Only her oldest son, Henry escaped but was ultimately sold to another plantation where he eventually met and married his wife, Jane. Together they had 14 children. Henry was also a Union soldier in the Civil War. Thank you for this program. Our story, is a powerful American story.

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