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Clifford Williams

Hello my name is Clifford A. Williams. My knowledge of black history comes from first my family, my church family and a certain black teacher in the Philadelphia school system who made it a priority to teach black history even when it was not the subject. I believe that race esteem builds self esteem and this was told to me by my mentor, Dr. Edward Robinson Jr. He and his brother Calvin Robinson would make sure that the kids of AME UNION church in Philadelphia knew about history. I recently have come to find out because of the city of Philadelphia that my Great great grandfather was the first African American police officer and detective. He was killed in the line of duty. In 2012 he was honored with a memorial service by the Philadelphia Police Department. George L. Williams was shot and killed in a gun battle. The city’s only black detective, he was also a star of the Cuban Giants of the Negro Baseball League. He was the first black officer killed in the line of duty. It happened at the end of watch, Wed. January 9th, 1918. The rest of your history must come from the search for yourself inside of yourself to find and build self-esteem through race esteem. I am an AIDS activist who fight for the rights of African Americans strickened with the HIV/AIDS virus. I also do AIDS education and share my story on being an African American with HIV.

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