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Debra Mitchell


I learned from my grandparents, and other family who worked hard for freedom through being entrepreneurs, working on the voting polls, and other community involvements. was raised in a family with my grandparents (a pastor and a missionary), who were born in 1902,1903, and raised in Clarksville and Nashville, TN. They married at a young age, had an older son, and six daughter. In 1942-1943 my grandparents, several uncles, my grandfathers brothers all who were in doing general construction, brick layers, masons, and carpenters decided to go to the north for a better life in Ypsilanti, MI. My grandparents had a general construction/real estate businesses in TN, and MI, and I’m apart of that continued journey. I was raised in a family built cottage, which is no longer standing during the summer months in the beautiful Historic African American Resort Idlewild, MI. I’m moving there soon to continue to carry a “Torch” my ancestors started for our family many years ago to help our families re-unite back to a beautiful Historic Idlewild, MI our grandparents, and family loved for so many years.

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