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Debra Mitchell


Our African American family history was taught, and lived by my grandparents who were called Mulatto’s. Grandfather was the youngest of twelve children. My grandfather’s parents were entrepreneurs, my grandfather was born in Clarksville, TN, and raised in Nashville, TN. My grandmother was also born and raised in Nashville, TN. My grandparents in 1942-1943, and other family members with car loaded with six daughters decided to have a better life from Nashville, TN to Ypsilanti, and Historic African American Resort of Idlewild, MI, who always fought for our civil rights when they left the south to go to the north for our generations to start, and to continue for generations to come, where my grandparents, and their family members built two cottages on each side of the lake. My grandparents owned their own successful General Construction/ Real Estate Businesses in MI, and was in civil rights, and built some of the first Urban Renewal Homes in our communities, and worked the polls, with the GOP, and other community activities to help build our communities in MI.

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