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decarlo wilson


my story is quite simple. mr. gates please stop referring to our ancestors by the label “slaves”. my ancestors were NOT slaves they were enslaved. slave is a label, enslaved is a condition. that label can become a tattoo that follows our people for a millenia.

if we want to change the way others think of us, we first have to change how we think of ourselves. to call our ancestors slaves takes away their humanity and simplifies what they went through. do you realize that blacks are the only people who embrace the term as a badge of courage.

native, hawaiians, maori, aborigines, irish, scottish, mayan inca, aztec, chinese, korean, indian sri lankans, armenian and jewish went through the same conditions and NEVER call themselves (or their ancestors) this wretched word.

from here out please refrain from using it. if you want to continue using it refer to just YOUR ancestors, personally. my ancestors, regardless of what they went through were never slaves. they were, and still are, human beings.

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