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Eunita Johnson


My 6th, 7th, and 8th grade grammer school teacher, in Chicago, IL, taught Black history to our classes, and it started me on a journey to research every bit of Black history I could find. It also started me to research my family’s history, and I have search it back to the 1780’s with very interesting results, that I hope to put into book form. It is history our family didn’t know about, because of early deaths in the family. One of the main things I found out, was that my 4th great-grandmother was a white women, who had an affair with a Black slave and the results were my 3rd great-grandfather was born a free black man. There are books written with him as part of the subject matter, it is a very interesting history. We always hear about the White man fathering Black children by their black slave women, but this is a very different history. She keep him until he was 11 years old, and she married a white man and gave him up. I have copies of all of the papers verifying this.

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