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Giovannia PledgeJohnson


I am the paternal grand-daughter of Dr.Carlton B.Goodlett. He was very instrumental in the civil rights moment, namely San Francisco,CA. He also was the founder and owner of a once famed black newspaper called The Sun Reporter.
Throughout his life, he has worked with Howard University, Taledegha, MaHarry (spelling not sure exactly), and Morehouse.
He was practically the only child, after his sister died in a fire when he was 3 yrs and her 5 yrs, trying to save his life. He grew up in the Omaha,Ne, and Alabamba area, although he was born in Chipley, Fl. He recieved his PhD at the age of 23 yrs. His wife, my grandmother, was Willette (Hill) Goodlett. All I really know about her is that she resembled a white woman, she had several brothers and sisters, of one sister she most likely lived with at a young age in the New York or New Jersey area. The last census I found on her was when she was about 3-5 yrs and her parents were no longer coming up on the census, so I’m assuming they died shortly thereafter or within census times. I know Willette’s father’s name was Dixie Hill, but no race was confirmed.
I would like to know more about my grandfather’s family and grandmother’s side. I never met her and my father needed to talk about her side. I know more about my grandfather, but my father never stayed in touch with any of my grandfather’s family.
Although Willette resembled a white women, she was considered black. From what I know she was the first black women to coach a men’s college team. She also coached at Washington High School in San Fransisco,Ca.

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