African-American history has played an integral role in the shaping of politics, economics, and culture in the United States. Growing up, how did you learn about the accomplishments and struggles of African Americans? Were you in a classroom? Reading a book? Talking with relatives or friends? How has your understanding or knowledge of African-American history changed and/or developed over time? What do you think is the most effective way to pass along this rich and growing history to future generations?

Imam Akbar

Dear Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.,

How Are You? I Am So Happy To See Your Works In The Midst Of Black People. After All You’ve Been Through, I Believe You Are Committed To Speak Forthright, Especially Concerning The Conditions Of Black People And How We Are Being Managed And Dealt With In America, At This Hour. One Of My Questions Especially To Black And White Historians In America Is Why Has So Much Of The History On Andrew Johnson Been Left Out, Omitted, Or Suppressed, Especially His Name? As I Researched, I Developed A Theory Called “Andrew Johnson Syndrome”. It Contains Multiple Missing Links On Why “We Shall Overcome” And What “We Shall Overturn” To Do It. A Violation Of The General Rules (We Could Not Buy, Sell Or Trade After Dark, Wreckless Eyeballin’ A white woman, Or “Laughing Barrow Syndrome”) Could Place Any One Of Us (As You Very Well Know) In The Prison Industrial Complex Indefinitely! Many Times We Would Undergo Conditions Worst Than That Of Black American Plantation Slavery Or The Domesticated Animals, To This Very Hour. Just Ask Bill Clinton (The So Called Friend) About The Cummings Prison In Arkansas. Now To Drive Home My Point Of This Conversation, Trayvon Martin (S, FL) And Miriam Carey (DC, Conn) Are Not Here With Us And Next To Nothing Has Been Done Concerning Their Justice (Just Dues), Because Of The “Andrew Johnson Syndrome”! While John Hinckley Who Premeditatively Set Him & Others Up And Opened Fire On President Ronald Reagan And The Secret Service, He Was Brought In Alive And Well. Again, This Is Because Of The “Andrew Johnson Syndrome”! You Or I Could Easily Be Next On His Hit List. You Asked The Question During Your CNN News Conference During Your Hour Of Confrontation (You, [Sir, Our Scholar Of The Hour] Were Set Up, Lured Out, Handcuffed And Arrested At Your Home): Who Will Go Across America With You, To See To It Will Never, Never, Never, Ever Happen To The Black Man And Our Black Family Again? We Did Not Respond Appropriately To Your Question, Sir. Again It Is Because Of The “Andrew Johnson Syndrome”! It Is The Right Question. They Weren’t Ready Then (Meaning The Black Leadership, Corporate, Political, Legal, Etc.), Oh, But, I Believe Many Of Them Are Ready Now! And If They Are Not Ready Now, Well, I’m Ready Now. And I Know, By The Grace And The Mercy Of The Almighty God Of All The Worlds And All Systems Of Knowledge, We Don’t & We Won’t Stand Alone. Just Look Around Your Town, FB, Twitter, Etc.! Amen.