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Jann Ballard


Just reading all the stories bring back memories. I too was brought up with both parents being from the south telling us of the history of our people. From Harriet Tuberman on to today. How my ancestors stole away from Ga. on one side and the other side coming from north-west Africa and ended up in Tennessee. Its all so interesting. I just hope the young people don’t loose sight on what our ancestors went through to get to where we are today. In 1998 I started a search on my mothers side to find out as much as I could about my G-Grandfather & G-Grandmother. I got three cousins to go with me to Pulaski,Tn. to do research and I found out he had built most of the city. Found his house, his grave site and most of their families graves. There’s still a lot I want to know, such as his mother and father whether he had sisters and brothers and on back if I can. Keep up the good work because it is so interesting. My search has just began.

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