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Lola Belinda Sampson-Franks James


Dr. Gates, I would love for you to come to NC and to the New Hanover County Public Library and trace all the history I have. There is so much I put it in a collection at the Library and I still have a who storage of stuff like books, pictures, documents dating back to 1800’s in GA.

I was born in Wilmington, NC. I know all sends of my family and all great grandparents. I was blessed to have this. My name is Lola Belinda Sampson-Franks Ellerby Jame. Long name with a deep history in North Carolina. I have quite a story. My great grandparents were Eliza McElheny Sampson and Joseph Sampson; Sarah Mandy Jenkins and Saul Jenkins: Dora Cooper and Henry Greene of Scott’s Hill, NC. They involve several places in NC. Bladen County; Sampson County, New Hanover County; Onslow County and all up and down the Eastern Coastline. I found out that Abolitionist Abraham Galloway was a cousin as found by a historian here named Joyner-Southport, NC. I am more than proud of this history and have so much it will take months to put it all together or perhaps years. Thanks for really bringing Black History to the forefront. I am in deep appreciation to you for all your documentation and all you hard work and thanks to all you staff and PBS which I love.

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