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Margaret Lewis


Being born in Nashville, TN, and attending college in Arkansas, during those years when the United States was still trying to figure out what to call me, I am thankful that my Grandmother, pictured here and her daughter, my Mother and my Father taught me and my siblings who we were and where our African ancestors originated. Sketchy as that information was, we knew that we, Black people, came from a “mighty people,” as my Father called them. In our segregated communities, our teachers, ministers, civic and fraternal leaders reinforced and added to those teachings. In my community, I came in direct contact with our Black professionals, our business leaders, and our politicians. Even as a child, I was a ferocious reader and have now augmented my readings with travel, especially to the Motherland from which I’ve gained so much about my history. It is now my privilege to share with the younger members of my family what I have learned as I research our family tree and hope that they will be able to add the missing pieces.

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