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Monique Bronson

mom 1

My mother’s mom was born in Florida in 1913 and her parents to my understanding were born in Florida and of Seminole tribe. My mom’s dad was born in PA 1912 but his dad was from Uruguay and his wife from Italy. They came to the US in 1900 and became citizens in 1910.
My dad’s (born 1928) mom was born 1900 in Bamberg, South Carolina. I was told that my great great grand mom was Cherokee Indian but I can not find them on census and I was told that they were the black family of the plantation owner Crum but no proof yet. There were some streets named after the family Haygood St. and the family owned boarding homes and a roller skating rink. My dad also said that a white man would come by and have his grand mom try on store bought dresses. Her name was Ella back then with segregation we were not allowed in the stores much less have a white man bring a colored woman clothes to try on. My family did not suffer through the 1930’s soup lines. They said there was always something to eat. Both sides said that. I wish I could track past 1920.

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