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Nadia Rey


Mom spent years instilling the importance of identity and history. The first time I teased another person , I was educated about Emmett, the times I wondered about lack of privilege I was introduced to the slavery struggles, and as I matured through teenage-dom and  felt the stages of depression, I was educated about the Renaissance. (Mom is a teacher and everything is a learning lesson). Once I attended FAMU, I was introduced to the UHURU movement and Society for Cultural Development. A spiritual void was reaching out for reading materials, Finding Your Roots and family stories about my Haitian/African heritage. Music from many rooted artists have guided my interests and research. I have been surrounded by griots & hope to continue the legacy along with my own music. Every opportunity to piece together my future and past, is a new chance to evolve. Sankofa has taught and will teach me more. Peace ❤

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