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R. Califa Calloway


It’d be an unforgettable comment by one of my beloved Community Matriarchs that’d remark “…Girl you were born with a deep pact to your Ancestors.” I must admit, the call of the Drum and wanting to know why I answered was the precipice of my Genealogy journey, researching my Family History, and why so much of it was tied to Dance and Culture. Oakland, California native, Louisiana reared and African-rooted, I was exposed to critical times bordering the Civil Rights era and Black Power movement for which my Mom and Uncle were very active. I participated in thriving Community Saturday schools, African naming ceremonies and Community rituals and am a member of a legacy portal for African and Diaspora Dance and Drum Culture; my college major degree of studies was Afro American History – and yet although these influential elements would send me flying with inspiration, it’d be the grounding force of my Maternal grandfather, who’d say “…take care of your own backyard.” Since 1993, with a few seasonal breaks, I’d advance the journey towards becoming a Professional Genealogist to enhance my teaching modalities in Cultural Preservation, History and Dance – to further unearth, heal and enrich the lives of my kinships communities, starting with my Family. My Sojourn in motion: *grateful to share in this platform exchange*

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