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Ramona Lewis


I was very fortunate that I grew up in the 60s and early 70s when black history was a meaningful part of the classroom instruction. We had “Black History” reading books, comic books, and board games to teach us reading skills as well as history. As a kid I was very INFLUENCED by the picture of Angela Davis on the cover of the Life Magazine…I wanted to be her! So I became a student of the revolution, reading anything and everything I could about the Black Panther movement. That actually led to me becoming political and socially aware at a very early age. But I must admit that I lost some of my passion and drive for the “movement.” I started believing that we didn’t need to talk about that anymore and the “multi-cultural” movement was the way forward…sadly I was mistaken. I realize that if don’t begin to teach (I am a teacher) and promote the stories of my ancestors, they will be lost forever.

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