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Robert Goins


In 2001, I began the journey of learning my family history. The generation before me didn’t know anything past their grandfather. I didn’t know how far I could trace. I ended up in 19th century Virginia with a very prolific family of “free people of color.” My 3rd great grandfather is a member of that large family in Central Virginia. If I can find, or if someone can help me find, one more generation, Paul Heinegg’s, Free African Americans in Virginia, North Carolina etc has already mapped out the rest of the family all the back to the 1600s. I learned a different and personal history of Ohio, Virgina, the United States and North America through learning my family history. I am very thankful to my 3rd great grandfather who left Virginia to go to Ohio as many “free” and newly freed people did. I have his 1886 obituary and I am searching for his relatives in Albemarle and or Louisa Counties in the Commonwealth.

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