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Ronda Chappelle


My mother. I was born in ’72. As long as I can remember we had Ebony and Jet magazines in the house. My mother always went to the library and was always reading books on African American history. She was always sharing what she read with us. When Roots aired I can remember us watching it as a family, I know I was only around 5 or 6 but I watched it then. My mother never held anything back from us. She always told us stories of how things were when she grew up and stories she could remember from her grandma as well. She bought us movies, books, she even had a subscription to Black Enterprise for our family when I was a teen. We even had a trivia game called “rise & fly”! I feel that African American History was just a regular part of my growing up. My mom never went to college she worked hard but she taught us about our culture and I thank her for that. My mom passed away in 2008, I miss her but I thank her for a legacy that I often find myself sharing with my children.

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