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Sabrina Graham


As a child, living on the east side of Buffalo, NY, with a single mother, I was distinctly aware of my circumstance and journey in life. My mother was my first teacher who worked as a health professional but found time to work on several civil rights-related campaigns and programs, most importantly voter registration. Thereafter, my sister and I were sent to “liberation” school in our neighborhood that focused on self-determination and black economic power. The names Angela Davis and Stockley Carmichael resonated with me. Because of my parochical and liberation school education, the foundation of how I was to live my life as an African American and female was set. Moreover, my core foundation hasn’t changed, but rather expanded and I now have access and ownership to a vast body of historical works of my ancestors that I can pass along as an educator to young children and youth.
Sabrina R. Graham, Educator, Buffalo Public Schools

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