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Shante Anderson


I only learned the bare minimum in school. My family moved to NC from Maryland when I was very young and my brother and I and one other sister/brother were the only blacks in our elementary school. Racism was very prevalent in our area and we faced it almost daily. My mom married a man who would adopt my brother, sister and I and he was Native American. He very rarely talked positively about blacks and my mom rarely spoke positively of whites, so I grew up very confused. I do remember sitting in class, hearing about the slaves and feeling ashamed to be black. I did not want to belong to a race that did not fight back. Little did I know they had been fighting nonstop for centuries and centuries. I am learning more and more each day and continue to read, research and learn. I am currently attempting to trace my history and start a book to leave to my children and their children. Thanks for what you are doing. I really appreciate it.

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