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Vanessa Newton


I learned about my African American history through my Great Grand Parents, Grand Parents, Parents and other family members. We are Gullah Geechee. We mostly live in the low country of the South Carolina sea coast. I always heard my Great Grandmother tell stories of how they lived near the bush harbor and how the Master’s let them build a church on the land. I often go back to Beaufort to visit family and they share their awesome stories about our Great, great grandparents and slavery times and pass down such a wealth of history and culture. My Great Grandmother made handmade dolls and quilts. My grandmother didn’t pass it on, but my Mom picked it up and now I share it with my daughter and students. The story goes, My Great , Great Grand Mother made a handmade doll for her daughter and the Master’s daughter saw it and wanted one for herself and was made to make one for the Master’s daughter.

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