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William Ford

I am a 56 year old male who was born in 1957 on a farm in Dillon, South Carolina. When I was young living on the farm, I often wondered from whom did I come. I could only find out who my grand parents were. No one could tell me anything about my great grand parents. Through sports and education, I was able to serve nearly 23 years in the U.S. Army as an officer. I was amazed by the constant racism and discrimination that I had to endure during my tenure in the military. Upon retirement from the army, I became a high school teacher; and here, I realized that the education for African Americans was lacking. From my disturbing observation in the classroom, I developed a strong passion to do something about the problem I observed. I’m 100 percent sure that I have developed the best tool in the world to change our educational problem. My tool teaches any student how to learn. It seems to be so simple until no one will believe me or help me. However, one school district has given me a chance, and as a result, 80 high school students in this mid western town is getting a first-class education. Without this tool, they probably would be in the streets. Visit: to find out more. I am very frustrated because I can’t find out who my grand- parents’ parents were and their parents.

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