David Urban on the Government Shutdown

As the government remains in partial shutdown, David Urban, adviser to President Trump’s 2020 campaign, joins the program to discuss an impasse that is having a dramatic impact on thousands of federal employees, as well as the country.

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Could he just declare a state of national emergency and remove money from one agency to fund another one take it from the military to fund his war.

Well this president likes to push the limits of presidential executive power.

I suppose he could do that he'd be challenged in the courts I believe.

Also the president just can't simply reallocate funding without some congressional authorization that he can do it to a certain limit.

But there is there are limits as to how much money he can reallocate and move around.

But you know the president can issue an executive order has seen it done in the past and do that in national declared a national emergency and and do but I imagine he'd be challenged in the courts quite quite quickly.

I think that would be the last step and he is as you as you point out he's going to the border on Thursday.

So I don't think you'll see any resolution before at least that visit.

Well what do you think then he would he will do it for or what. How will he use that visit to the border what's the point.

Christiane I think that the president's going to reiterate that his his you saw his acting budget director sent a letter to Democrats laying out and outlining the things that the ministration would like to see done.

There is a humanitarian crisis on the southern border emanating from the countries of El Salvador Honduras and Nicaragua as you know in the northern triangle there below Mexico.

The president would like to see the ministration like to see 800 million dollars more for humanitarian aid for beds for helping process some of these refugees that are coming in.

There's a comprehensive letter that was sent for to Democrats I think the president use that to highlight his proposals.

OK. So that's interesting because that would show a sort of more humanitarian side of an administration that's widely considered internationally to be very harsh at that border.

But I do want to know question you more about this issue of the Democrats so Chuck Schumer Senator Minority Leader has detailed the quite detailed compromise that he and others leaders in the House now have apparently proposed to the president this was before Christmas in the early days whereby they had a proposal that would open you know most of the government and most of the government carry on with the work of the American people while still you know continuing to negotiate over this one demand to the president.

The president didn't accept it.

You know the the Congress didn't accept it.

Why not if you really want to get the government working.

Sure sure because I think you give up the president viewed as giving up all his leverage if he agreed to that proposal to go give it up every bit of leverage look theU.S. budget as you know is trillions of dollars trillions.

And the president's asking for five billion which is a relatively small amount to secure the southern border.

He views it as one of his most important one of his most important jobs is keeping America safe keeping our borders secure.

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