Hatice Cengiz, Jamal Khashoggi’s Fiancée, on Justice

Hatice Cengiz was engaged to Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was brutally murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. She joins the program seven months later to discuss the lack of justice for him and how she’s working tirelessly to make sure those responsible for his murder are held accountable.

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CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: How are you doing? What has the last seven months been like for you since Jamal was so brutally murdered and his body still has not been discovered?

HATICE CENGIZ, JAMAL KHASHOGGI’S FIANCÉE: I am feeling very bad. Myself — I don’t understand what is going on right now. But I am here in Washington, D.C. today. I want to understand and I’m finding or seeking about justice for Jamal, and why they are not making anything for this case.

AMANPOUR: How do you feel personally? How is it affecting you personally?

CENGIZ: I am feeling alone and — I want to speak in Turkish, please.


CENGIZ: Because I can explain by my language better.

AMANPOUR: Go ahead.

CENGIZ (through translator): I feel very much alone about this. I feel I have been deserted. A journalist has been murdered. There hasn’t been a proper investigation. Everything is in suspense, starting with the United States, the European countries, states, leaders have not put proper pressure. They have not taken any steps with a view to getting answers, real answers, to this horrendous crime. I am questioning humanity. I feel a moral responsible to ask these questions and I feel a complete disappointment at the response to his killing.

AMANPOUR: So, just let me ask you then, because, recently, the United States last month publicly designate 16 people from Saudi Arabia for the roles that they allegedly played in Jamal’s murder. The U.S. says they and their immediate families are not allowed to travel to the United States. Is that a good first step for you?

CENGIZ (through translator): I would like to think that way. I would like to hope that it is a first step in the right direction. But in itself, it is not really that meaningful. There has been a murder. The murderers have not been captured. The whole humanity are curious. I am wondering why no significant real steps are being taken so far. What happened to his body? For example, no one has given any answers. No one has given any clear-cut straightforward answers to that question.

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