Paul Krugman Talks Trump and the Economy

Who deserves credit for America’s booming economy? Ten years after the financial crash, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman joins the program to talk Trump and the economy.

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Can you explain to me why given the strength of the economy maybe it's because of what you're saying right now that the president by and large isn't using it as a midterm campaign sort of slogan and that as another analyst said.

The fact of a strong economy and the president's hovering ratings around 40 percent shouldn't exist at the same time he shouldn't exist in the same sentence.

OK two things.

One is that the Political scientists tell us that midterm elections are surprisingly not driven by the economy.

Remember the probably the best year of the Bush economy was 2006 which was also the year that Democrats took the House and the Senate. All right the other things dominated as they tend to in midterm elections.

The other thing is that the benefits of you know the GDP number looks fine.

Wages are down.

Adjusted for inflation people are not feeling it. People are not saying gee this is great this is wonderful people are saying I'm still having trouble making ends meet and they have a sense correctly that the tax cut was for you know for for a few rich people and corporations and not for them.

Can I ask you because you've become a really popular and and very prominent political columnist and the economic column is also about political and socialistic social affairs.

And you had one amazing sort of conversation with Stephen Colbert on a rollercoaster a few years ago.

But finally you know it's said that you weren't always politically obsessive but you were obsessive about the difference between stupid and smart.

What has changed.

Oh no. I mean what happened.


US politics I think a lot of the world has changed but the fact of the matter is that one of our two great political parties is all about selling policies that benefit a few people by exploiting stuff like racial antagonism but also by.

Saying things that aren't true.

Not saying that all Democrats are honest as the day is long but it is the complete dishonesty.

I'm sorry.

I don't want to be partisan but you have to be everything that that one party has said about fundamental economic policy for the past 15 years has been not true.

And that kind of you've got to say that.

And you do loudly.

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