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A Love Affair with Opera - About the Amato Opera

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The Amato Opera of New York City
The official site of the Amato opera.

Aria Database
Contains links to the website of opera companies all over the world

Metropolitan Opera
Features synopses for many operas.

New York City Opera
View schedules, buy tickets, and check out their "Never Been" section for a list of do's, don'ts, maybe's, and why not's.

Opera America
Searchable schedule database includes performance information for more than 220 North American and international opera companies.

Features a searchable database of opera performances and artists.

Includes performance histories, synopses, libretti, and links to other opera servers.

Operas Online
Provides information on composers, performers, opera houses, and schedules.
Operadio broadcasts 10 channels of continuous music.

Amato Opera
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