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Photo of La Traviatta performance
La Traviata (The Fallen Woman) - Giuseppe Verdi - 1853

While entertaining guests Violetta Valéry suffers a fainting spell. Resting in her parlor Alfredo enters and confesses his love to her. Violetta at first denies his love, but Alfredo's sincerity touches her. Months later they find themselves living together in a country house near Paris. Trouble is introduced by the appearance of Alfredo's father Germont who demands she renounce his son. He eventually convinces her to do so and she writes a farewell note to Alfredo. When Alfredo confronts her at Flora's party he demands that she admit she loves another man. Violetta is crushed, but pretends she does. Alfredo thus denounces his former love. Months later Violetta is diagnosed with tuberculosis, when Alfredo arrives to see her she is seized with a resurgence of strength only to stagger and fall dead at his feet.