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Carl Sandburg - Pete Seeger: Little Teaspoons

Pete Seeger brought the song "We Shall Overcome" to the forefront of causes for American workers in the 1940s and later to the Civil Rights Movement in the 50s and 60s. As a singer and songwriter, his songs have always been about we, the people. See and hear Seeger remember Carl Sandburg's 300 page poetic anthem, The People, Yes, and what it means to the American underdog even today.

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Carl Sandburg - Playlist: Carl Sandburg Sings America!

Carl Sandburg's The American Songbag: songs he collected traveling a country that was as pretty as it was hard.

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Carl Sandburg - Carl Sandburg: A Tall Man

Carl Sandburg was a tall tale. Yes, he was only a man. But, his words were Paul Bunyan; his words were John Henry: impossibly real. The way Sandburg wrote, he gave life to anything and everything around him: from mountains to oceans, from prairies to rows of corn or cotton. Skyscrapers, too.

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Carl Sandburg - Gallery: The Carl Sandburg Archive

An exploration of the Carl Sandburg Archive from the Rare Book & Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

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Carl Sandburg - Studs Terkel: Sandburg Packs a Wallop

The late and great Studs Terkel, author of Hard Times, Working, and The Good War, and his last thoughts on Carl Sandburg and the America Terkel documented and recorded his whole life. "I also say, 'The People, Yes,'" Terkel says, referring to the 300 page Sandburg poem of the same name. "But I have to add a proviso: The People, Perhaps or The People, Maybe."

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Carl Sandburg - Video Excerpt: The Train to Rootabaga Country

Follow Carl Sandburg to Rootabaga Country: an excerpt from The Day Carl Sandburg Died.

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Carl Sandburg - Video Excerpt: Chicago, U.S.A.

See and hear Carl Sandburg's Chicago in a scene from The Day Carl Sandburg Died. It's a city that's the archetype of America: where we all come from. And, that's what came through in Sandburg's work from when he first wrote "Chicago" and published it as a part of Chicago Poems in 1916.

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Carl Sandburg - Film Comments: Paul Bonesteel

See and hear Paul Bonesteel, writer, director and editor of The Day Carl Sandburg Died, talk about how the film was made: the process, the characters, the interviews, and the history.

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Carl Sandburg - The American Songbag: I Ride an Old Paint

Hear Carl Sandburg sing, "I Ride an Old Paint," recorded in the 1930s and published as a part of his The American Songbag. Sandburg: "The song smells of saddle leather, sketches ponies and landscapes, and varies in theme from a realistic presentation of the drab Bill Jones and his violent wife to an ethereal prayer and cry of phantom tone."

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