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JD Salinger - Educator's Guide and Poster

An activity-based analysis of The Catcher in the Rye and other works by J.D. Salinger as well as a look into his private life are illustrated by essays and classroom activities included in the poster.

Jan 15th, 2014 | 0 comments

Billie Jean King - Infographics: Billie Jean King Trading Cards

It's the life and times of Billie Jean King in a series of vintage trading cards from American Masters: collect them all!

Sep 8th, 2013 | 0 comments

Mel Brooks - Timeline: 2000 Years of Mel Brooks

The life and times of Mel Brooks: The 2000 Year Old Man.

Feb 1st, 2013 | 5 comments

Robert Rauschenberg: Reinventing Art - Lesson Overview

Using the American Masters online essay as a tool, this lesson will examine the cultural context of Robert Rauschenberg’s work.

Oct 28th, 2006 | 0 comments

Edward R. Murrow: This Reporter - Lesson Overview

This lesson plan will give students an in-depth experience of media literacy by providing an opportunity to analyze Murrow's thoughts on the responsibility of the media, examine modern issues in depth, and simulate Murrow's style in the SEE IT NOW format.

Oct 28th, 2006 | 0 comments

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Winter Dreams - Lesson Overview

In this lesson plan, students will learn how F. Scott Fitzgerald used autobiographical elements in writing his stories, and they try a hand at writing a Fitzgerald-style story with autobiographical elements of their own.

Oct 31st, 2005 | 0 comments

Lucille Ball: What's So Funny? - Lesson Overview

In this lesson plan, students study images of women in movies and television, contrasting the ideal of physical beauty with the risks an actress takes to be funny.

Sep 21st, 2005 | 1 comment

Diego Rivera: Art as the Universal Language - Lesson Overview

Students will discuss the nature of art, what purposes it serves, and how Rivera's art reflected what was happening in the world during his lifetime.

Aug 27th, 2005 | 2 comments

Paul Robeson: The Renaissance Man - Lesson Overview

In this lesson, students will explore the accomplishments of this decorated athlete, sought after actor, renowned singer, and political activist.

Aug 27th, 2005 | 1 comment
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