Filmmaker Interview – Cass Warner Sperling

Q: What first got you interested in doing a film on the Warner brothers? A: Several reasons: My grandfather, Harry Warner, was very much around the first 10 years of my life as we spent almost every weekend on his ranch just out side of Los Angeles. He was very much a family man and […]

Marvin Gaye: What’s Going On

Interview with Filmmaker Sam Pollard

Read the text-version of the interview: When I was asked by Susan Lacy, the executive producer of AMERICAN MASTERS, to do the Marvin Gaye documentary, about a year ago, I thought I knew everything about Marvin that was to be known, you know. I grew up with his music. I knew about his untimely death […]

Carol Burnett: A Woman of Character

Filmmaker Interview – Kyra Thompson

In this interview, director Kyra Thompson discusses her latest film — AMERICAN MASTERS Carol Burnett: A Woman Of Character. Q. What first got you interested in doing a film about Carol Burnett? A. I have been a fan of Carol Burnett for years. I know that American Masters has wanted to do a film about […]

Good Ol’ Charles Schulz

Filmmaker Interview – David Van Taylor

Like his famous subject, director David Van Taylor discovered the extraordinary in the ordinary while making AMERICAN MASTERS Good Ol’ Charles Schulz. Q: What was the genesis of the project? A: It actually started when I was home visiting my dad in Washington, D.C., a few years ago. I went down to the basement and […]

José Clemente Orozco en Español

Entrevista con Laurie Coyle y Rick Tejada-Flores

Audaz y complejo, la personalidad iconoclasta y pintura dinámica de José Clemente Orozco lo hizo la conciencia de su generación. Una película sobre su vida y arte, MAESTROS AMERICANOS Orozco: Hombre del Fuego. Laurie Coyle y Rick Tejada-Flores dirigieron, escribieron y produjeron el documental. A continuación, Coyle responde unas preguntas sobre la película y su […]