Muddy Waters: Can’t Be Satisfied

Filmmaker Interview – Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville

Filmmakers Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville were kind enough to answer some questions about their film. Q: What first got you interested in doing a film of Muddy Waters? Robert Gordon: I was writing Muddy’s biography for Little, Brown and, in order to get closer to Muddy, I began hunting up film and video performances […]

The World of Nat King Cole

Filmmaker Interview – Carole Cole

The AMERICAN MASTERS documentary on singing legend Nat King Cole offers a personal glimpse into Cole’s family life through interviews with his wife and two of his five children, including his eldest, Carole Cole, the CEO of King Cole Partners. As CEO, Cole works in concert with her siblings and presides over all issues that […]

John Ford/John Wayne: The Filmmaker and the Legend

Career Timeline

Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to The Sea

Filmmaker Interview – DeWitt Sage

AMERICAN MASTERS “Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to the Sea” THE SUN ALSO RISES … A FAREWELL TO ARMS … THE NICK ADAMS STORIES. Ernest Hemingway’s groundbreaking novels and stories, and the complicated personality behind them, are explored in “Rivers to the Sea”. Below, “Rivers to the Sea” writer and director DeWitt Sage shares some thoughts on […]