F. Scott Fitzgerald: Winter Dreams

Filmmaker Interview – DeWitt Sage

Filmmaker DeWitt Sage answers questions about his film F. SCOTT FITZGERALD: WINTER DREAMS. Q: Do you agree with the several end-of-millennium surveys that rank F. Scott Fitzgerald as the most important or one of the most important American writers of the 20th century? DeWitt Sage: No, I personally don’t for the simple reason that I […]

Ralph Ellison: An American Journey

Filmmaker Interview – Avon Kirkland

AMERICAN MASTERS Online presents an extended self-interview with “Ralph Ellison” filmmaker Avon Kirkland. Avon Kirland: Do I really have to do this interview? Q: Yes, you do. Your contractual agreement with AMERICAN MASTERS requires it. AK: All right. Let’s get it over with. Q: I have heard you asked several times why you chose Ralph […]

Richard Rodgers: The Sweetest Sounds