Sweet Honey in The Rock: Raise Your Voice


Quincy Jones: In the Pocket

Filmmaker Interview – Michael Kantor

AMERICAN MASTERS Online presents an extended interview with “Quincy Jones” filmmaker Michael Kantor. Q: What did you learn while making an AMERICAN MASTERS program about Quincy Jones? A: There were two stories that I will never forget. One happened to make it into the show, when Quincy’s first wife Jeri described his approach to money […]

James Dean: Sense Memories

Filmmaker Interview – Gail Levin

American Masters Online interviewed JAMES DEAN: SENSE MEMORIES filmmaker Gail Levin. American Masters: What got you interested in this project? What drew you to James Dean? Gail Levin: Interestingly enough, there is a sort of circular story to this film. There is a very famous photograph of James Dean taken in Times Square in 1955. […]