Willie Nelson: Still Is Still Moving

Filmmaker Interview – Steven Cantor

AMERICAN MASTERS Online presents an interview with “Willie Nelson” filmmaker Steven Cantor. Q: What first got you interested in doing a film on Willie Nelson? Steven Cantor: Willie is an American icon whose fascinating life story and day-to-day experiences had never been revealed in an intimate and personal way, so in my mind it was […]

Willie Nelson: Still Is Still Moving


Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance

Filmmaker Interview – Charles Atlas

“Merce Cunningham” director Charles Atlas answers a few questions for AMERICAN MASTERS ONLINE. Q: When did you first become aware of Cunningham? I first met Merce Cunningham in 1971 and in 1974 began collaborating with him over a period of ten years making “media/dances”, works combining dance with film and video, pieces made for the […]

Mailer On Mailer

Filmmaker Interview – Tamar Hacker and Christine Le Goff

American Masters’ “Norman Mailer: Mailer on Mailer” is a co-production with Reciprocal Films and Films d’Ici in France. The program was originally produced for French television as three, one-hour programs and broadcast on successive nights. Below is a discussion between Tamar Hacker, Sr. Producer for the American Masters series, and Christine Le Goff of Films […]

A Conversation with Gregory Peck


Alfred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye

Filmmaker Interview – Perry Miller Adato

AMERICAN MASTERS online sat down with “Alfred Stieglitz” filmmaker Perry Miller Adato. Q: Did you always want to make a film about Alfred Stieglitz? To be frank, no. For many years I resisted the Stieglitz subject. I had produced and directed a widely-seen hour-length documentary on Georgia O’Keeffe shown on PBS on November 7, 1977 […]