Schulz Cartoons Brought to Life (Gallery)

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Charlie BrownCharles Schulz
Charlie Brown on the schoolyard benchCharles Schulz
The schoolyard benchCharles Schulz
Schroeder and Lucy at the stone wallCharles Schulz
The stone wallCharles Schulz
Charlie Brown in bedCharles Schulz
Charlie Brown’s bedCharles Schulz
Charlie Brown and Lucy with the footballCharles Schulz
The football and field
Linus in the pumpkin patchCharles Schulz
The pumpkin patchCharles Schulz
Snoopy’s doghouseCharles Schulz
Snoopy’s doghouseCharles Schulz
Snoopy in the birdbathCharles Schulz
The birdbathCharles Schulz
Charlie Brown on the pitcher’s moundCharles Schulz
The pitcher’s moundCharles Schulz
Charlie Brown and Linus on the stepsCharles Schulz
The stepsCharles Schulz
Charlie Brown and the kite-eating treeCharles Schulz
The kite-eating treeCharles Schulz
Charlie Brown at the mailboxCharles Schulz
The mailboxCharles Schulz