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James Dean - Additional Footage

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AMERICAN MASTERS Online has assembled additional video clips not found in the original documentary. Viewing these clips requires the free RealPlayer.

William Bast, writer

the little girls fan club (2:00)

  Bob Hinkle, Texas dialogue coach, GIANT

"a Texan 24 hrs a day..." (1:26)

chicken fried steak (1:11)
Eartha Kitt, actor

"he was a lover..." (1:12)

on body movement (0:41)

a sharing artist (0:17)

"I adored him..." (0:38)

Martin Landau, actor

Rod Serling/NBC story (4:30)

open casting call/improvs (4:19)

on good acting (1:03)

shared consciousness (1:46)

Jim finds the character (0:51)

on Lee Strasberg/Actor's Studio (1:49)

frozen in time (0:56)

Residents of Marfa, TX
location of GIANT

places and people... (6:03)

Leonard Rosenman, composer EAST OF EDEN & REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE

at piano playing REBEL theme (1:47)

Mark Rydell, director

three pictures (0:34)

on Elia Kazan casting (1:40)

what did Jimmy have?... (0:49)

bullfighting on Madison Ave (1:32)

on Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando (0:37)

Phil Stern, photographer

the dopey grin story (2:01)

Dennis Stock, photographer

Dean as a subject (1:27)

Winslow's & Indiana (3:27)

Jimmy & Nick Ray (1:27)

death & legacy (0:51)

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