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Ralph Ellison - Additional Footage

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AMERICAN MASTERS Online has assembled additional video clips not found in the original documentary. Viewing these clips requires the free RealPlayer.

Check Out the clip0s

Jervis Anderson on Ellison's definition of diversity (:48)

Stanley Crouch on why INVISIBLE MAN will endure as an important novel (1:16)

Stanley Crouch on Ellison and black authenticity (1:50)
Clyde Taylor on collective action as a tool for liberation (1:51)

Thulani Davis on why Ellison's INVISIBLE MAN stands out (1:09)
Terrence Rafferty on the search for identity in Ellison's INVISIBLE MAN (:35)

Farah Griffin on why Ellison was a radical writer (:37)
Cornel West on the treatment of Ellison in the 1960s (:45)

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