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Marilyn Monroe - Additional Footage

Feature Essay Career Timeline Additional Footage Filmmaker Interview

These exclusive online video clips provide commentary not found in the broadcast episode. Viewing these clips requires the free RealPlayer

Learn more about the photographers in Marilyn's life in our special feature:
The Photographers of Marilyn Monroe: Still Life
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NAME15 Norman Mailer
"A Species of Obsession" (1:29)
Norman Mailer describes his obsession with Monroe.
Norman Mailer
"Emblematic of America" (:31)
Mailer examines Monroe as an emblem of the country at large.
Norman Mailer
"Dared to be extraordinary..." (1:35)
Mailer on Monroe: "There was never anyone remotely like her."
Gloria Steinem
"On Female Impersonating" (1:18)
Gloria Steinem on the artificial persona that Monroe created.
Photographer Douglas Kirkland
"Talking with Marilyn" (1:00)
Photographer Douglas Kirkland describes an intimate conversation with Monroe during a shoot.
Photographer Douglas Kirkland
"Marilyn Reviewing The Pictures" (2:48)
Douglas Kirkland recounts showing his photos to Marilyn, and the changes in her moods.
Photographer Bob Henriques
"When you focus in on a story..." (1:09)
Photographer Bob Henriques on the artistic process.
Photographer Phil Stern
"Marilyn and JFK" (2:03)
Photographer Phil Stern on rumored photos of Monroe with John F. Kennedy.
Photographer Robert Stein
"She's a worker..." (:59)
George Zimbel admires Monroe's work ethic as a model.
Photographer George Zimbel
"The History of Photography" (1:31)
Photographer George Zimbel discusses the technical aspects of the SEVEN YEAR ITCH shoot.
Photographer Robert Stein
"On Her Vulnerability" (:52)
Robert Stein: "If you said something to her that was either aggressive or hurtful, I was sure she would not turn on that movie star defense, but she would actually be hurt."
Photographer George Zimbel
"Growing up with Marilyn" (1:33)
Sam Shaw's family on the Monroe that they knew as children.
Suzanne Lloyd
"On Harold Lloyd and Marilyn" (2:28)
Suzanne Lloyd discuses her grandfather's relationship with Marilyn.

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