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José Clemente Orozco - Additional Footage

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These exclusive online video clips provide commentary not found in the broadcast episode. Viewing these clips requires the free RealPlayer

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John Wilson
"Using Art" (1:12)
Artist John Wilson on the social function of art
Laura González Matute
"Jackson Pollock" (1:24)
Art historian Laura González Matute on Jackson Pollock and Abstract Expressionism
Laura González Matute
"Rivera vs. Orozco" (:29)
Art historian Laura González Matute on the rivalry between José Clemente Orozco and Diego Rivera
Carlos Fuentes
"Fuentes on the Mexican Revolution" (1:05)
Author Carlos Fuentes discusses the Mexican Revolution
Carlos Fuentes
"Orozco and the U.S.A." (1:10)
Author Carlos Fuentes critiques Orozco's depiction of U.S. society
Carlos Fuentes
"Not a Cowboy Movie..." (:28)
Author Carlos Fuentes declares 'Orozco did not see history as a cowboy movie...'
Will Barnet
"Orozco and Injustice" (:40)
Artist Will Barnet on Orozco's attitude toward politics and art.
Will Barnet
"Orozco and Personal Expression" (:56)
Artist Will Barnet on the end of socially committed art
Elizabeth Catlett
"The Artist as Outsider" (:57)
Artist Elizabeth Catlett on being an outsider

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