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Charles Schulz - Additional Footage

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These exclusive online video clips provide commentary not found in the broadcast episode. Viewing these clips requires the free RealPlayer.

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Charles Schulz
The Real Little Red-Haired Girl (:29)
Donna Wold, former girlfriend, on telling people that she is "the little red-haired girl."
Charles Schulz
To Him It Was Very Real (1:18)
Cartoonist Lynn Johnston on a conversation with Schulz about killing off a dog from her strip.
Charles Schulz
Why Would They Do This To Me? (1:57)
Linus Maurer, Art Instruction colleague, plays a practical joke on the young Schulz.
Charles Schulz
Trying To Avoid Spike (1:25)
Shermy Plepler, boyhood friend, on the dog who inspired Snoopy.
Charles Schulz
Don't Get A Big Head (1:02)
David Michaelis, biographer, on lessons Schulz absorbed as a boy.
Charles Schulz
Deleted Scene (1:01)
Sarah Gillespie and Amy Lago, comics editors, and Craig Schulz, son, discuss Schulz's perfectionism and work ethic.

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