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Alfred Stieglitz - Additional Footage

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AMERICAN MASTERS Online has assembled additional video clips not found in the original documentary. Here you'll find some of the top Stieglitz-experts speaking not only about the man himself, but the artists, locations, and social and political settings that both shaped him, and his vision of art. Viewing these clips requires the free RealPlayer.

Check Out the Clips

Historian Thomas Bender (6:15)

Sarah Greenough, Curator of Photographs, National Gallery of Art (9:13)

Alan Trachtenberg, Proffessor of American Studies at Yale (4:48)
Joanna Steichen, Author, and widow of Edward Steichen (5:34)

Richard Whelan, Stieglitz Biographer (4:20)
Sue Davidson-Lowe, author and grand-neice of Stieglitz (4:18)

Elizabeth Hutton Turner, Curator at Philips Gallery (5:29)
Wanda Corn, art historian at Stanford (4:18)

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