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Gore Vidal - Additional Footage

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AMERICAN MASTERS Online has assembled additional video clips not found in the original documentary. Viewing these clips requires the free RealPlayer

Gore Vidal on early influences. (1:42)

Vidal on Tennessee Williams. (:43)

Quintessential Gore. (:12)
Vidal on trying on Lincolnís glasses. (4:00)

Vidal on Creation. (1:59)
Adam Goodheart on Vidalís aristocratic nature. (:37)

Adam Goodheart on Vidalís legacy. (:59)
George Plimpton on Gore Vidal at Exeter. (:55)

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. on Lincoln. (:36)
Harold Bloom on Myra Breckinridge. (:45)

Joanne Freeman compares Aaron Burr and Gore Vidal. (:50)
The final clip was recorded at a Vanity Fair magazine photo shoot with photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders featuring three of the most prominent living post-war novelists opposed to the war in Iraq.

Vidal, Norman Mailer, and Kurt Vonnegut, at a Vanity Fair photo shoot. Warning: Adult language.

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