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Andy Warhol - Additional Footage

Feature Essay Career Timeline Additional Footage Filmmaker Interview

These exclusive online video clips provide commentary not found in the broadcast episode. Viewing these clips requires the free RealPlayer

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Bruce Springsteen
"The most revealing of his work." (:32)
Bob Colacello on Warhol's portraits of his mother.
Pete Seeger
"Death on the edge... blood on the streets" (:41)
David Hickey on Warhol's place in a post-9/11 context.
Nora warhol
"What he was famous for was that he was so cool... and I'm not" (2:18)
Stephen Koch on meeting Warhol for the first time.
Nora warhol
"Dear Andy... I am not here anymore but I am fine, Love Billy" (1:52)
Billy Name on leaving the Factory.

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