February 14th, 2001
Bob Marley

  • Nicole B

    I appreciate the timeline but the mechanics of it is hard to navigate.

  • RestoreAmericaj

    It’s Shows how messed up this World is When Someone who sings about Peace and Love, Had someone try to kill him. He is one Legend that will live in our Hearts and minds forever.

  • paul comissiong

    I grew up with the music and the lyrics having been born in the west indies in 1962. As a parent later, I continued listening and today my children never forget to remind me that they will never forget his lyrics because it was the one thing which made their father a totally transformed and happy , whenever an album or cassette was on. A true international artist of west indian roots, of whow I am forever proud……ride Natty ride!

  • Buster

    A West Indian prophet, and an ambassador of the West Indian way of life; true community living not selfish individualism.


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