September 1st, 2008
Helen Keller
Becoming Helen Keller

We all think we know Helen Keller’s story. “Water” was fingerspelled as it poured from a pump; language was conveyed; and with it a wild child became more human and a teacher became a miracle worker.

But Helen Keller grew up, and it is her fascinating life as a Deaf Blind adult that this film explores. She was a socialist, a fighter for workers and women’s rights, a roving ambassador for our government, and a celebrity. Helen Keller’s life offers us a chance to better understand society’s response to disability and difference. Beyond biography, American Masters: Becoming Helen Keller challenges the viewer to imagine the context of her times and bring disability into contemporary focus.

American Masters: Becoming Helen Keller preimeres on PBS fall 2011.

  • Zara

    I just hope you put this film on dvd so people can buy it if they want to see again instead of being at the mercy of local brodcasters who would only air it when they want to. I be glad when you have more about programs literary people.

  • bob

    this film was touching in alot of ways you should make a movie out of this



  • Sarah G.

    When will Becoming Helen Keller going to air?

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