March 31st, 2010
I.M. Pei
Image Gallery of the Suzhou Museum

See stunning images of the completed Suzhou Museum, including images of the Chinese garden and rock landscape designs innovated by Pei.

All photos on this page by Kerun Ip.

  • W. Bruce Hicks

    I was deeply moved by this story about the building of the Suzhou museum. The intimate relationship of the aging architect with his subject, his legacy as a foundation for modern Chinese envisioning, the cross-cultural intuitions, the concept of aging, and the unbearable beauty which obviously celebrates the inner spirit and outer peace, was transcendental in its impact. Thank you for such a spiritual celebration.
    W. Bruce Hicks, Toronto

  • S-H Lloyd

    I have long admired the amazing design sensibility of I M Pei. Lucky me, I will get to see the Suzhou Museum and the city in May.

  • VJ York

    I am a big fan of the American Masters series; there have been many fine episodes over the years, but this was one of the best. As with the Louvre, sometimes Pei’s work is not immediately appreciated (and often initially criticized) but I was struck by his comment over and over about change and trying something new. He said repeatedly that he wasn’t always sure it would work, but his talent and instincts are right as this beautiful museum shows. I have not yet traveled to China but when I do Suzhou and its museum will be on by itinerary. Pei is a true genius.

  • Donna Reiner

    I.M. Pei definitely demonstrated with this project that he understands the power and value of place. This was not an easy task, but I think he certainly was up to the challenge.

  • shadeed ahmad

    The synthesis of the organic and surreal oozing through out the halls and galleries of Mr. I.M. Pei’s awe inspiring Suzhou Museum architecture is an offering to the sacredness of art. Mr. Pei and company have soared beyond the realms of ultra earthly refinement to broker a new standard of beauty in China.

    “The Image Gallery of the Suzhou Museum” is more than an image, it is a reality that serves as the vanguard of what future homes of culture world-wide will immulate in hopes of bringing inner and outer solace to humanity.

    The Suzhou Museum should be numbered among the great wonders of the world. It will make me “wonder” if it isn’t considered one. Through the grandeur of this museum we get a glimpse of Mr. Pei’s inner temple. Mr. I.M. Pei is undoubtedly one of the wonders of the world. Sincerely, Shadeed R. Ahmad (4-5-10)

  • Alexander David Morrison

    I am and have always been a curious bystander of the Architectural process and the underlying layers upon layers of detail that comprises the smallest to the largest of that is considered a structure. In my life I have appreciated all that is nature and what comes of it and I must say I am truly a frustrated Architect. Though, I am not a trained practitioner of Architecture nor Interior Design, yet I today I am a self taught practictioner of Interior Design with a strong respect for Fung Shui. My desire for Interior Design was born from my father who was a Chef by occupation in which he had then passed on to me as a little boy. I then began working in the hospitality industry at the age of 13 and gradually worked my way up to management level involved with producing Special Events with various themes over the years. This experience led up to designing my first conceptual Bar Lounge “NV” in NYC in 1995 located West Soho in which I was a limited partner. This was truly amazing due to the fact that I could not even read a blue print but yet the investors at the time were confident in me to see it thru due to my extensive restaurant background and my knowledge of design that I was known for within the industry.

    In conclusion, I have always been a fan of Mr. Pei’s work and to be honest on this particular nite being up late I truly stumbled upon this airing of American Masters featuring Mr. Pei’s return to his homeland and his birth place faced with this difficult task and it was captivating and dear too my heart because I was able to watch this true genius at work once again creating one with his culture and nature at the same time and to that I am cannot thank you enough for preserving his legacy.

  • Kevin B. Daly

    Documentaries on PBS need to be in wide-screen not full-frame! If there’s writing in the lower left-hand, or lower right-hand corner of the screen, it gets lopped off and you only see half of it. Same with the subtitles. You’re missing the beginning or end (or beginning and end) of a statement from one of the talking heads. You notice all of the above with the bio-doc on William S. Burroughs as well. Come on, guys. Isn’t anybody at Channel 13 aware of how annoying this is?

  • Lois Dean

    Mr. Pei is an inspiration, creating such beauty and taking on such a grand task at 85. He is modest, cheerful, gracious, even handsome, in this fine documentation of his talent. What a pleasure it has been to stumble upon this piece of excellence at the end of my day. Many thanks to all who have contributed – even those who gave up their homes to make way for the new, and those who so skillfully created this documentary so this accomplishment could be shared with persons like myself , who may never have the opportunity to enter those gardens and buildings or to see the remarkable treasures that they shelter and protect.

    Thank you PBS

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