January 11th, 2011
Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides
Interview with Jeff Bridges

How much of “The Dude” is still in Jeff Bridges? In this interview, he talks about the surprising reasons why he agreed to be the subject of an “American Masters” documentary.

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  • russelbertrand

    I think that I shall never see: A poem lovely as a tree

  • Matt

    Excellent sneak peak, when Jeff talks about leaving the musuem and seeing art everywhere! I think that I shall never see: A poem lovely as a tree

  • Sara M. Quinn

    Although Michael McDonald was thanked in the closing credits, no mention was made of him during the program. That is a shame because both Mr. McDonald and Mr. Bridges, who have a deep and abiding friendship, are so very well regarded for their charitable work.

    Why wasn’t the End Hunger Campaign (for children) even mentioned? Especially when Mr. Bridges is the national spokesperson?

    It seems that the producers don’t really get Mr. Bridges. In the interview provided online with him regarding why he agreed to do this program, he says that it would provide him the chance to promote the End Hunger Campaign which is so truly important to him. Instead, the focus was really just on him, which is something I am sure he will not be too comfortable with at all.

    Mr. Bridges spiritual path was hardly touched on. It is clearly such a motivating force for him that leads him to use his celebrity for charitable good, yet it was hardly mentioned.

    It makes those who produced this program seem rather shallow. It seems that they just really don’t get the Dude at all. The interview that Tavis Smiley did this week was a much better portrait of who this gentle man really is.

  • Mike Heagerty

    The dude. Sometimes there’s a man…my favorite actor.

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