January 12th, 2011
Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides
Jeff Bridges answers a question from Facebook

Jeff Bridges is the subject of an American Masters documentary (airing on PBS 1/12/2011). In connection with that broadcast, we asked PBS’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers what *they* would want to ask him. Here is his answer to one of the most interesting questions we received.

  • lynn ross

    i am surprised the documentary did not touch upon 2 great unknown films jeff bridges did that converted me to a true fan. WINTER KILLS and SUCCESS both directed by william richert. impossible to find on video which is a shame. both great great films where one sees jeff’’s true talent at a young age. altho i saw it in CUTTER’S WAY, LAST PICTURE SHOW and STARMAN. probably my most favoite is THE FISHERKING…as much as jeff will always been known as THE DUDE., and i loved the movie, it’s THE FISHERKING that to me is a masterpiece. not only in film making and making manhattan into a fantasty story book environment, but shows so many facets of bridge’s personailtiy in that character. as horrible a man he plays one cannot feel compassion for him. he just pulls it off.

    so i was disappointed that the producers of this documentary did not touch on those 2 particular films. another film that was missed was ARLINGTON ROAD.

    and one thing of 6 degrees of separation:. when i was a very young girl living in nyc, my parents took me to central park one summer at the delacourt theater to see GUYS AND DOLLS. lloyd bridges was in it and all i remember was i was sitting on the aisle and my mother nudged me and said look, lloyd bridges was standing on the stairs right next to me waiting for his cue to get onto the stage. for those who do not know the configuration of that theater, it is an out door theater built in the greek style, so the actors had to come on the stage running down the stairs to get to the stage. what a moment for a 5 year old girl to see. a moment i will never forget….

  • Laurie

    Personally I missed clips from what shook me to the core, the little known remake of a Parisian film, and one of Sandra Bullock’s first big roles, The Vanishing. The character he portrayed in that movie was SO BELIEVABLE, and freaky. Crazy Heart seemed too “Jeffy” so i didn’t enjoy it as much as he and the fans did, for that reason. The Oscar was LONG AGO DESERVED and I loved this feature on Jeff Bridges’ work, THANK YOU American Masters!

  • Randy Otto

    One the things that puzzles me about Jeff’s storied career is it is hard to find references to one of his early movies called “Hearts Of The West.” with an all star cast of Andy Griffith, Blythe Danner, Alan Arkin, to name a few. A great film with a little history of the early western film making in the story. Jeff’s enthusiastic, naive young Lewis Tater left an early and lasting impression of him as an actor holding his own with a stellar cast.

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