January 29th, 2009
Jerome Robbins
Robbins at Work

In these interview out takes, Jerome Robbins’s friends and colleagues describe the master at work. Austin Pendleton recalls Robbins as a man in turmoil constantly seeking inspiration, Charlotte d’Amboise remembers his intensely technical direction that he miraculously imbued with humanity to get his actors to “play the scene,” and Jerry Mitchell tells the story of how Robbins taught him the true meaning of committing to a scene.

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  • Adam Entstein

    This was a very interesting program. The devastating effect Mr Robbins HUAC testimony had on other artists should have been given more attention.
    He appeared to be an arrogant, cowardly, self serving person who sublimated his conscience (If he had one) for artistic and personal gratification.

  • J. Katzenstein

    As one who grew up in the wonderful era of ballet and theater dominated by several masters, I was overwhelmed by the catalogue of Robbins’ work shown on this program, seen in rerun last night…Thank you for this overview…

  • rr

    Interesting program. What brilliant artist. It is too bad that he seemed to dislike himself so deeply. We are so used to hearing about “difficult” artists but in a world where collaboration is key I always wonder what might he have achieved if he was less “difficult.” The story of him falling off the stage and how nobody said a word as they watched it happen
    is heartbreaking. Thank you for the work, may you heart and mind be at peace.

  • jennedy sanchez

    This is a very interesting program, because of the fact that this man is an intelligent person, and also when hes in a scene or acting he knows what hes doing. This man has achieved many things during his time period, and the reason of that is because he always work hard for it.


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