September 24th, 2009
Joan Baez
Outtakes from the Film

Watch fourteen outtakes from Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound, including performances by Joan and interviews with Joan and Steve Earle.

  • pauli

    I admire Joan’s position against war and her work toward peace.

  • Alan

    I’ve always loved everything about her and her beautiful music, for the past 50 years, all the way back to “Siler Dagger”. I would give alot to be able to meet her just once.

  • Jacob

    Fourteen wonderful outtakes. Wonderful footage. Lovely conversations. It’s more than great that PBS did an American Masters documentary on Joan Baez. Truly the world do not know what it ows her. She is a treasure. I feel blessed to walk this earth at the same time as this amazing, intelligent person. Thanks to PBS for making the film.

  • bettye stratton

    I missed th American Masters program. When will lit be re-run? I do not get station #709.I want to buy the DVD for the program onOct. 14th. May I have a phone number? Thanks Bettye Stratton

  • Melaine Britton

    I have admired Joan for the past 40 years. How fortunate we have been to have her in our lives. Her politics and music has benefitted many people. I saw her in concert three times and enjoy her words as well as her music.

  • Lew Koch

    I lived in Fresno, Ca. from the mid-60’s thru the 70’s and was fortunate to see Joan in concert several times. I have so many of her albums–vinyl, cassette, CD–and listen often. I feel her two-record set of Bob D.’s music is superior to anyone else interpreting his music. I have submitted her name to Lincoln Center Honor Awards. She is deserving.

  • Bob Tilden

    Just saw the pbs special on Joan: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely stunning, beautiful – totally inspiring. I remembered her from her singing – not so aware of her great political stands and positions and activities. What a great spirit, great courageous person!

    Thank you American Masters & PBS.

  • Gary Mercante

    Joan was able to sing the old folk songs with such an incredible pure sweet strong voice and it is just such a pleasure to listen to her.I wish more people in this world shared her non-violent views and distaste for war and hatred.

  • Tom Dewey

    I was one of a half dozen newly commissioned Navy Ensigns to hear Joan perform on the lawn of the Viking Hotel in Newport, RI in a practice session with Pete Seeger BEFORE she made her first appearance at the 1st Newport Folk Festival in 1959. We knew then that we were seeing the real thing, that she would be become famous. She is as gracious and soft spoken today as she was then. We need more Joans.

  • Subhajit Nayak

    Joan is amazing grace. I’m speechless.The world is so beautiful with her in it. Thanxalot PBS and American Masters. We’re inspired.

  • stan kinsman

    I will play Joan Baez for my great grand children. The first just arrived.
    Thanks for all the smiles you gave and all the hearts you lifted.
    Rock on !

  • morgan

    I’ve always wanted to buy this and one day walking through a local music shop there it was!!!! my life is now complete :)

  • Oliver from Germany

    What a outstanding personality!

  • Peter

    As Jacob said here before, and i quote him: “Truly the world do not know what it ows her.” So true. She’s just incredibly i n t e l l i g e n t. Thanks Ms Baez for everything you’ve done and still does. Thanks to PBS for making this documentary. With kind regards from Europe, Peter


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